What’s The Difference Between SIBO & IBS?

On the surface, IBS and SIBO are hard to tell apart. Both can cause bloating, gas, pain, and either diarrhea or constipation. 

But they are NOT the same

IBS and SIBO have different causes and different solutions—making it critical to know which is to blame if you ever want to heal. 

🔆 Solving digestive mysteries is one of our specialties. We always recommend testing to know for sure what we are working with 🔆 

Here are some differences between IBS and SIBO that anyone struggling with gas and bloating needs to know:

✅ SIBO affects the small intestine, whereas IBS affects the large intestine

✅ SIBO is caused by overgrowth of good bacteria, whereas IBS often involves yeast, parasites, or pathogenic bacteria

✅ Antibiotics may give temporary relief from SIBO but not IBS 

✅ Probiotics and prebiotics are more likely to make SIBO worse and IBS better

The bottom line?

If you are at all confused about the cause of digestive distress, it’s time to stop guessing and actually test. Want to talk about it. Book a FREE consult with me.