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Hi, my name is Carla Moss.  Thanks for visiting my website and your interest in learning more about what I do.  I am a Certified Health Coach and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

Like many women, I have had my own preoccupation with body image, weight gain or weight loss, and my own perception of beauty and health for most of my adult life. Over the years, I have bought nearly every diet book published.  Prior to giving birth to my first son, I had no issues with my weight and could eat anything I wanted and never gain an ounce.

Post-pregnancy, I began my journey into the world of diet and nutrition, seeking guidance on weight loss after having a baby.  In the process, I developed a genuine interest and passion for diet and nutrition, health and wellness, and the power of food in overall wellness.  I have somehow accumulated several years of self-education in diet, nutrition, and wellness, with a particular emphasis on weight loss, using myself for ‘R&D’. With my two boys now young men (yes, they are Millennials), I decided to embark on an educational journey in holistic health and received several certifications as a Health Coach.

While adapting to metabolism and hormonal changes brought on by Peri-Menopause and Menopause, I have lost and gained many pounds over the years.  Ultimately, I found my healthy weight.  My health and wellness journey has provided me with valuable insights about diet, nutrition, fitness, and wellness.  My holistic health coaching practice allows me to share these insights with women who are approaching midlife, and with women who are squarely in their midlife journey.

Midlife can be a time of reinvention, of greater access to wisdom and understanding of our needs and desires. In midlife, we can create the space to become healthier, more vibrant, more resilient versions of ourselves, as we step into the second half of our life journey.  With self-cultivation and anticipation, we transform.

Check out my menopause story below.

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#MyMenopauseStory When I was in the throws of perimenopause and menopause, my doctors never associated any of the symptoms I was experiencing to hormonal changes. Instead, I was told that my symptoms were within "normal range", or to be expected with aging, like my hair loss and my poor sleep. I was told that my difficulty in losing weight, no matter what diet I was on, was due to a slow metabolism. These explanations, all possibly true. But I also developed a benign cyst in one of my ovaries, and experienced two occurrences of debilitating fibroids, two surgeries, two recoveries.⁠ ⁠ While well-intentioned, my conventional doctors at the time never discussed with me that my symptoms could have been attributed to hormone imbalance, and to my being in perimenopause. I was never tested for estrogen or progesterone levels, thyroid function, or for cortisol levels or insulin levels. Instead I was left feeling hopeless and depressed, with no control over the changes that I was experiencing, or how to resolve them.⁠ ⁠ I'll never know for sure if I was suffering from estrogen dominance, insulin resistance, low thyroid function, high cortisol levels or any other hormone imbalances because I was never tested or got any guidance about hormones or menopause when I was suffering the most. But in hindsight, I suspect multiple hormone imbalances were key factors. ⁠ I became my own health advocate, finding solutions to resolve many of the symptoms that plagued me during perimenopause. I refused to settle for the "it's just a part of aging" explanation. I'm still a work-in-progress, but I feel better than ever. I am thriving as a women in midlife with a life in full swing, pursuing my aspirations and goals with gusto. I've got plans! Maintaining my vitality is paramount.⁠ ⁠ Everything I know now about menopause I wish I knew then. Now, as a health coach and a women post-menopause, it has become my mission to help women navigate menopause from an informed perspective. Women in midlife have better things to do than spend precious time struggling through menopause. There are many paths to gaining back control and feeling yourself again. Link in bio. #midlifewomen

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