Midlife Health & Wellness

Supporting women in midlife who are navigating hormone imbalances such as perimenopause, and menopause, low libido. PCOS, adrenal dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, and estrogen dominance.

Guiding women through other health conditions resulting from their contributing hormone imbalance, such as cardio-metabolic issues, gut issues, and autoimmune conditions.

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Intimacy & Relationships

Helping women individually, or with their partners, explore intimacy in midlife. Society can be very shaming toward older women in midlife when it comes to intimacy, perpetuating the stigma around aging.  Coaching women in midlife with intimacy and relationship issues, and addressing problems such as marriage with no intimacy, low libido, and dysfunction, and so much more.

The Awakened Midlife

At midlife, a woman may begin to loosen from cultural limitations, to become more of her authentic self, her own person, in ways she perhaps have not dared to do previously. She starts to prioritize her own needs and desires. She begins to become less defined by others and more by her own choices. Midlife is a time rich with possibility for personal and spiritual growth, when women make significant changes in their lives. It’s a time of rebirth.

The Wheel of a Balanced Life

Are you feeling like your life is out of balance?  Find out which areas of your life are in need of attention and care.

The Woman's Guide To Menopausal Hot Flashes

Are you ready to transform your midlife experience? Your midlife journey through Perimenopause and Menopause doesn’t have to be one of struggle and suffering. Find relief from hormone imbalance and restore your quality of life.

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