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For women experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance, PCOS, adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, estrogen dominance, peri-menopause, and menopause.

Articles on Hormone Balance

Blood Sugar and Immune Response

Why would high blood sugar be linked to more severe cases of COVID? That’s a question researchers at the University of Michigan are attempting to explain. Here’s what they think so far: Elevated blood sugars create low-grade inflammation Existing low-grade inflammation leads to an even stronger inflammatory surge in response to infection When the body …

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Stress, Cortisol, and COVID

What puts some people at a higher risk of severe COVID infection than others? It’s the million-dollar question that we don’t fully understand yet.  A new study published in the Lancet found that higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol were a marker of more severe illness from COVID-19.  That does NOT mean stress causes …

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