JANUARY 2020 SPECIAL | Health Coaching Package

As a Health Coach, I help guide the overarching process--from clarifying a client's vision to defining strategies for achieving her health goals, and maintaining success once she has attained them.  My approach to health coaching is a holistic one, with underlying principles of functional health, hormone health, and nutrition. These principles, coupled with a solid foundation in coaching and positive psychology, inform my approach to working with clients.

With a holistic knowledge of how fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle influence well-being, I work with a client to design an inclusive, flexible and responsive plan to move daily practices toward healthy choices. I am able to step in and help where other healthcare practitioners are unable to, by supporting clients with specific goals to work toward, recipes and diet guidelines suggestions, exercises and lifestyle management tools suggestions to help reduce the stress that could be contributing to disease and illness.

The JANUARY 2020 SPECIAL | Health Coaching Package consists of a weekly 60-minute private health coaching session with Carla Moss, Certified Health Coach for four (4) consecutive weeks. These sessions are offered by phone or by video chat on Zoom.

Topics we can cover together in sessions include:

  • Nutrition ~ Learn what foods support optimal health. Understand why becoming fat-adapted has a greater impact. Discovery foods that support hormone health.
  • Lifestyles ~ Understand and appreciate the roles that sleep and stress play in optimal health. Discovery lifestyle choices for better hormone balance.
  • Fitness ~ Gain an understanding of "the black hole" and chronic cardio partners. How to keep exercise within the intensity spectrum to support optimal health.
  • Energy ~ Learn to burn fat as preferred fuel source.
  • Play ~ Develop a whole body and mind wellness. Learn to take a light-hearted approach to play, sun exposure and brain fitness to support optimal health.

I look forward to supporting you on your health journey in 2020.

This health coaching package is available at a special price for a limited time.

"Being well aware about your health is a conscious choice.  Leveraging the expert guidance and personal support of a health coach can be the most powerful investment a woman can make in her health."

~ Carla Moss, Certified Health Coach