The Myth About Restrictive Diets

⚠️ Don’t Make This Mistake ⚠️

Most people believe that if they have SIBO or IBS or other digestive problems…

….that they need to follow a highly restrictive diet forever. 

❌ It’s not true!!!!

Here’s the reality about restrictive diets to heal the gut:

✅ Bacteria in the gut feed on carbohydrates to produce gas

✅ Diets like the Low-FODMAP Diet and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet limit the fuel source for gas-producing bacteria

✅ These diets can be extremely helpful at temporarily reducing symptoms like gas and bloating 

✅ In the long run, the gut microbiome needs variety AND carbohydrate fuel sources to stay healthy

✅ So a better approach is to work on healing the gut and gradually reintroduce foods over time

Don’t go it alone!!!!

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