How To Travel and Stay Keto

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It can be stressful to travel any time you are on a diet or trying to watch what you eat. It is hard to resist the tasty foods you encounter where you stay and where you visit. But with a little planning and preparation, you can help set yourself up for success to maintain your keto diet while traveling. You can enjoy your travel without sabotaging your diet and without depriving yourself of the full travel experience. Take a look at the following tips and keep them handy when you travel!

Spend ample time planning:  Planning is the first and most important step you should take before you even pack your bags. Think of the foods you can bring and eat on the plane. Try to at least bring snacks that require no preparation, like macadamia nuts and cheese. You should also find out if the places where you will be going will allow you to bring the types of foods you need. It may be helpful to find dining options that accommodate special needs diets.

Call the hotel or lodging ahead of time:  Call the hotel where you will be staying to ask about the types of dishes they serve. Make sure you confirm if they offer meals for special needs diets or for people who are following a diet plan. Make a reservation if they do so you only have to bring a few foods on your trip. It is also better if they allow customization of the menu. That way, you can replace some of the ingredients in the dishes with those more compatible with your diet. If possible, make a reservation that can support your food needs up to the last day of your stay.

Create a menu:  If the hotel or restaurant does not serve some of the dishes that you love to eat, creating a menu will help you. Creating your own recipes ensures that you are including all the nutrients you need while on your keto diet. It also helps you determine if the ingredients will be readily available, or if you will need to spend time upon arrival getting them in order.

If you were able to make a reservation, plan a handy menu for things like snacks. Make sure you have enough to last for the duration of your stay. Remember that you should bring meals that have a longer lifespan. You may need some foods that can be reheated when you reach the hotel.

Make a list of the ingredients or ready to eat foods:  List all the food you will need before you go to the grocery so you don’t have to buy something that will offset your diet plan. Make sure you only buy those things that are listed or part of the menu you created earlier. Listing all the items you plan to eat is another way of proper planning.

Prepare the meals ahead of time:  Some of the foods you plan to eat may not be readily available and may need a bit of preparation. Make sure you set aside ample time to do the cooking. You also need to prepare the containers you will use to store the food. You may store them in a cooler or ice chest that will ensure they stay flavorful and fresh.

You’re ready to travel keto-style! You’ve done your planning, now pack your snacks, pack your bags, and enjoy your travels!

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