The Fullness of Feminine Erotic Energy

feminine sexual energy

As part of my morning mindfulness practice, I often reference a couple of resources for guidance and inspiration for the day.  I picked up Dr. Christiane Northrup’s book, A Daily Dose of Women’s Wisdom.  Flipping through the book, I randomly landed on a page which reads,

Regardless of where you begin to reclaim and explore your sexuality, by it’s very nature, can be a total sensory experience involving your whole body and soul.”

Christiane Northrup, MD

Beautiful and true. Given divine synchronicity is always at work and never lost on me, I then picked up another book and it then became clear what the day’s topic of meditation would be—the power of female sexuality and feminine erotic energy.  In Morgan Migliorisi’s book, ‘365 Days of Divine Feminine Wisdom: Daily Guidance for the Goddess Within,’ I arrive on the page for Sunday October 22 and it reads,

“Orgasm is both death and creation. It is the physical embodiment of the energy that creates worlds. You can use your sexual power and climax to heal yourself, manifest your desires, and build intimacy with another. Through sexual acts, substantial amounts of energy are generated. When you surrender to pleasure, you activate your feminine energy. It is in this space where you are your most raw and vulnerable. It is your surrender and your full acceptance of all that you are that produces the power that creates life. Wield this energy to your advantage by directing it toward your desires. This is the wild feminine in her most liberated and empowered state.”

Morgan Migliorisi

I love when a message is given, then confirmed, and is meant to be share for the good of all those who receive it. The lesson reverberating within these nuggets of wisdom is this. Feminine erotic energy can be deeply sensory, magnetic, electric, cosmic, energetic, spiritual, a truly wholistic experience. It can touch the depths of who you are at your core, igniting all of your senses, your mind and inner knowing, your body and it’s expression, your soul and connection to the sacred, to the divine, unlocking mysteries. It can be magical, mystical, powerful. If we can allow it to be. If we can surrender to the fullness of the experience we’re having.

The capacity to embody any or all of this powerful, healing, creative energy is within all women. But only if you feel safe, fully connected to your body and to the experience to allow the openness to unfold. Within the openness, you are raw and vulnerable. Within the openness, you find the liberation. Openness is the gateway.  Herein lies the work, potentially.

If exploring and unraveling the layers surrounding your capacity for openness feels like the work you’d like to do, or if there is something else you’d like to explore that would bring you closer to experiencing the fullness of your erotic expression, we can explore this work together.  Book a Wellness Audit with Coach Carla.