Patients Need More Support?

Are you frustrated that you don’t have enough time to support and educate your patients more closely on healthy habits and behavior change?

Are your patients frustrated because they need more hand-holding and accountability than you have time to give?

As a doctor, your time is a premium. In your patient encounters, you may only have time to make recommendations and outline a plan … but some of your patients need close support and assistance in actually implementing that plan.

That's Exactly Where I Come In!

As a health coach, my job is to coach your patients through the lifestyle changes needed to lose weight, implement an exercise regime, improve their sleep, manage stress, and manage hormonal changes occurring during each stage of her life.

I can help your patients ensure they understand the care plan you created for them. I work closely with them, to implement the complex lifestyle changes that are often required to make significant improvements in their health.

Why Work With A Health Coach?

Health Coaching Improves Outcomes

In fact, the American Medical Association has this to say:

Health coaching is a team-based approach that helps patients gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become active participants in their care. The old saying, “Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime” demonstrates the difference between rescuing a patient and coaching a patient. Patients with chronic conditions need to learn how to fish. Health coaching can be supplemented with health literacy strategies and effective communication techniques, such as ask-tell-ask, teach-back and/or action planning to ensure patient comprehension of their care plans and help them achieve their goals. SOURCE: https://www.stepsforward.org/modules/health-coaching

How Do Patients Work With Me?

I work one-to-one with your patients and offer group coaching, using video conferencing and telehealth technology to coach them on healthy lifestyle changes, so they can overcome any barriers standing in their way.

My sessions with your patients are between 30-60 minutes in length, providing ample time for personalized attention and support.

Health Coaching Can Help:

Expand Clinical Practice Revenue

Learn how to expand your clinical practice revenue model by adding functional medicine health coaching services to your practice.