Could Environmental Toxins Be Making You Sick?

environmental toxins can make you sick

I’ve been coaching women lately who are suffering from not only hormone imbalances, but who have symptoms that are exacerbated by their exposure to environmental toxins. This is Part 1 of The Environmental Toxins Series.

Could your home, office, or products you use every day be making you sick? 

More than 85,000 chemicals are known to be circulating in everyday products in the US alone—in cosmetics, clothing, furniture, electronics, cleaning products, construction materials, and more. 

These environmental toxins have potential health effects that range from irritating the lungs to interacting with the immune system or disrupting hormones.

Exposures to environmental chemicals can be drivers of many chronic health concerns:

✅ Headaches

✅ Breathing Struggles

✅ Bone Thinning

✅ Mood Changes

✅ Cognitive Difficulties

✅ Attention Problems

✅ Hormonal Imbalance

✅ Immune Dysregulation

✅ Blood Pressure Changes

✅ Difficulty Getting Pregnant

This is not to say that exposure to environmental toxins are ALWAYS to blame for these issues. Chronic illness is complex. 

When I coach clients, my approach is to help her consider all possibilities. Through her story and testing she’s done on their own or through her doctor, we begin to unravel the root cause and the lifestyle factors that are impacting her overall wellbeing.

If we discover that environmental exposures are driving her health concerns, the first step is to eliminate the exposure (or minimize it as much as possible). Then with the help of her functional medicine practitioner, naturopathic doctor, or her conventional doctor, targeted therapies are used to support her body in detoxification so that she can heal.

I’ll be sharing more information in upcoming posts on how to minimize exposure to hidden toxins and support your body in everyday detoxification—because if you are currently healthy, the time to be proactive about staying that way is now.